Energy markets

Sunset view of city lights of Kamloops, British Columbia

Energy in Canada is dynamic; it’s continually being shaped by new sources of supply, changing demand, and evolving energy systems. Our vast Canadian landscape means that the energy sector is variable and unique across different regions. The CER monitors energy markets to ensure they are well-functioning and competitive. We publish fact-based, timely, and relevant information for Canadians.

Our products

Market snapshots

Regular, topical updates that illustrate emerging trends in energy markets.

Canada’s energy transition

Explore the many plans and actions that are playing a role in Canada’s energy transition.

Provincial and territorial energy profiles

Canada is a mosaic of diverse and evolving energy systems. Explore these systems and learn about regional energy production, use, transformation, transportation, and trade.

Canada’s pipeline transportation system

This report provides information about the economic functioning of major pipelines regulated by the CER.

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